Out Source Laser Hair Reduction

Out Source Laser Hair Reduction

Aesthetic Solution is India is single largest networked company in its segment which is engaged in providing laser hair reduction equipments on outsourcing basis. We are stationed at Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkota, Lucknow , Bangluru & Hyderbad and service large no of dermatologists and cosmetic professionals across locations. Our laser hair reduction equipment is gold standard machine Lightsheer.


Out Source Aesthetic Medicine Procedures

The field of Aesthetic Medicine has grown tremendously over the past twenty years. Increased demand for aesthetic procedures has resulted in an ever-increasing number of dermatological clinics providing aesthetic services. Aesthetic medicine has the potential to treat skin rejuvenation (tightening, pore reduction, blemish removal, smoothening and tightening the skin), etc.

Machine Repair and Maintenance aesthetic solutions

Machine Repair and Maintenance

Aesthetic Solutions experiences that after sales service, repair and parts replacements are extremely expensive was they are being offered by Aesthetic Solutions have been providing repair services to hundreds of dermatologist, cosmetologist and plastic surgeons across the country. We specialize in the repair, refurbishing, and the supply of parts for laser machines used in the medical.