Aesthetic Solution’s experiences that after-sales service, repair, and parts replacements are extremely expensive as they are being offered by Aesthetic Solutions have been providing repair services to hundreds of dermatologists, cosmetologists, and plastic surgeons across the country. We specialize in the repair, refurbishing, and the supply of parts for laser machines used in the medical cosmetic aesthetic industry. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced in laser engineering, electronics engineering. We follow the highest standard of service protocol when it comes to satisfying our customers.

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Our repairs and refurbishing services include replacing the lamp with the original lamp used, cleaning & polishing the reflective cavity, cleaning and aligning all optical components, replacing any damaged optical filters and light guides, repairing and replacing any damaged wiring and water flow tubings, repairing and replacing any damaged connectors and electrical contacts, and fully testing and calibrating each handpiece for proper operation and power output.
We can also provide you a wide range of parts (lamps, optical filters, reflective cavities, plastic covers, tubings, wiring, connections, etc.).
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