The field of Aesthetic Medicine has grown tremendously over the past twenty years. Increased demand for aesthetic procedures has resulted in an ever-increasing number of dermatological clinics providing aesthetic services.

Aesthetic medicine has the potential to treat skin rejuvenation (tightening, pore reduction, blemish removal, smoothening and tightening the skin), anti-wrinkle treatment, acne scar treatment, pigment removal, stretch mark removal, neck lifting, hair restoration, hair reduction, breast firming/enlargement, skin whitening, cellulite removal, lip enhancement, tattoo removal, broken capillary treatment, square jaw treatment, nonsurgical facelift, fat removal, anti-aging medicine.

These treatments include unwanted hair reduction lasers, Dermal Fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, body contouring, and Cellulite Treatments, mesotherapy, etc.

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