There is a boom in medical cosmetology across the globe and the demand for the professional and well qualified cosmetology doctors has been on the upward direction.
In India alone approximately 7 million aesthetic procedures were performed in 2015. Chemical peeling, Botox injections, Hyaluronic Acid injection, mesotherapy, laser hair reduction and laser pigment removal were the leading non-surgical procedures performed during the same time period.

Gap Analysis

Aesthetic Solutions has identified that there has always been some or other patients related complications in the market which arise due to lack of proper and competent training.
At Aesthetic Solutions, we identify the gap between the demand of well qualified and trained specialists and the supply of the same.

Bridging the gap

To bridge the gap between the demand and supply we at aesthetic solutions offer a comprehensive and detailed training program in medical cosmetology and aesthetic surgery. Our team of trainers posses highest qualification and clinical experiences and they make sure that delegates learn & complete each session with clinical success & built their confidence to perform on patients when they go back to start their own practice.

How do we bridge the gap?

We create 5 points action plan to bridge the gap in the market industry of medical cosmetology.

1. We design the curriculum that has extensive content and hands on exposure completed 5 days:

Session 1: Skin Anatomy.
Session 2: Hair Anatomy.
Session3: Understanding Light.
Session 4: Understanding Laser and Types of Laser.
Session 5: Hands on training on Laser Equipments (IPL, Diode and Q switch).
Session 6: Understanding Hair Transplant and Its various know how.
Session 7: Understanding Dermabrasion, Dermaroller and their techniques.
Session 8: Understanding fillers & Botox and hand on experience.
Session 9: Understanding chemical peel & hand on experience.
Session 10: Understanding PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy and hand on experience.
Session 11: Undertanding meso therapy and hand on experience.
Session 12: Threads for skin support.
Session 13: Cellulite –Non- Invasive Therapies.
Session 14: Counselling of patients, objection handling and attitude development with Role Play.
Session 15: Cash Handling, Record Keeping, Appointment Scheduling, Record keeping and retrieving.
Session 16: Branding and Marketing of aesthetic clinic.

2. Handholding

Handholding is a unique facility that has been put in place because we understand that the learners who are just embarking on this modality of treatment may need an extended assistance. We have a dedicated e-mail support service for delegates which can assist them to consult with their trainers while doing live procedures. We also provide our representative on request basis to be with you while you are starting the procedure.

3. Marketing Material

Understanding marketing is an essential tool to make people aware about the quality treatment that you will offer, our in house designers can customise the design and print marketing collaterals (posters, flyers, banners etc.) for you. We would also create and market you digitally on your request for additional charges.

4. Supply of aesthetic medicine

We would also support participants getting all the essential aesthetic medicine on most affordable cost in case delegates want.

Who can be the participants in this training program?
Following category of students can be recruited for the program:

1. Regular MBBS wanting to pursue the aesthetic medicine program.
2. Final year students with medical background (BAMS, BDS, BHMS, etc.).
3. Existing practicing BAMS/BDS/BHMS at various dermatologists/ cosmetologists.
4. Students looking for such program to go abroad.

How to become the part of the training program?
Send us the e mail confirming your interest our training coordinator will revert.